4in Edition
9 km / 1,500 m
Maximum time: 3.30 hours
Number of entries: 150
From the age of 15



Ritiro Pettorale

During the days preceding the competition it will be possible to collect your bib number at the race office located at the Guido Saba Sports Area of Plan Félinaz (Charvensod) at the following times:
• Giovedì 14 luglio dalle 18:00 alle 21:00;
• Sabato 16 luglio dalle 10:30 alle 18:00
At the time of collection of the bib it will also be possible to fill in the release form. At the same time, each athlete will be given a bag (marked with the bib number) in which to insert the spare part that the organization will bring on arrival. The bag must be delivered to the appropriate area in the departure area on Sunday 17 July from 7:00 to 8:00. Any spare parts not included in the appropriate bags will not be taken care of. In addition, a bracelet will also be delivered that each athlete must wear and that allows entry to the reserved areas (refreshments, showers) and free access to the cable car.
PS: for latecomers it will be possible to pick up the bib also in the starting area (Piazza Chanoux, Aosta) on Sunday 17 July from 7:00 to 8:00.
NB: the bib number will be issued only if the athlete has provided the medical certificate through the ENDU portal. Otherwise it is still possible to bring with you a paper copy of the medical certificate to be delivered to the race office at the time of collection of the bib.


The departure will take place from Piazza Chanoux (Aosta). Given the large number of participants, three different departures will be arranged at a distance of one minute from each other. The athletes will be divided according to the travel time indicated at the time of registration.
Athletes will have to affix their bib on the front side of the body (chest or thigh).

Where to park ?

It is advisable to park your car at the square of the Pila cable car, from which in 5 minutes of walking you can reach the departure. In this way it will be possible to immediately reach your car once you return with the cable car.

Mandatory equipment

• giacca antivento
Recommended material:
• indumenti caldi indispensabili in caso di tempo previsto freddo;
• pantaloni lunghi;
• riserva d’acqua e riserva alimentare;
• telo termico;
• copricapo;
• bastoncini;
• cellulare.

Maximum time

Il tempo massimo della prova Aosta – Comboé, per la totalità del percorso, è fissato in 3h e 30’.