Where to cheer

The companions will be able to meet the athletes and cheer them on at various points of the route. Read the text below and discover the most suitable point for you!

Chanoux Square (Aosta)

It is the heart of Aosta, if you want to enjoy a good cappuccino in the square and at the same time wish good luck to your friends engaged in the race this is the place for you!

Pont-Suaz, Charvensod

Here ends the little plain of the race and the climb begins! If for any reason you have the misfortune of not being able to dedicate Sunday to the Becca then this is the right point for you .. in five minutes you will see all the athletes pass by and then you can go and devote yourself to your chores!

Charvensod Capital

The group has already stretched and the sweat is already flowing! Once the agonists have passed, the walkers of the Montée des Gourmands will also be given the start.

Bondine (Charvensod)

The situation in the race begins to take shape, it is already clear who will play the final victory .. but even the last ones need your support since there are still 2000 m of altitude difference!

Champex (Charvensod)

We are in the woods that lead to the high pastures, the athletes cross for the last time the regional road to Pila .. if you don't want to walk this is the place to come and cheer!

Ponteille (Charvensod)

If you want to take some nice pictures of the athletes this place is definitely for you! Between the beautiful ru and the beautiful waterfalls the views in which to immortalize your friends in the race are not lacking!

NB: Ponteille can only be reached on foot!

Comboé (Charvensod)

The Valley of Comboé definitely needs no introduction. Haven't been there yet?! Well.. this is the opportunity to find out! Comboé is in fact the finishing place of the short race and the Montée des Gourmands as well as intermediate of Aosta – Becca di Nona. You can cheer and at the same time enjoy a beer and a sandwich to refresh yourself after the walk. In fact, the valley can only be reached on foot with a 5 km walk from Pila (Gressan).